Our Creative Director & Founder of OneTeaspoon, Jamie Blakey, recently went to Western Australia with her family on a well-earned break – we managed to get hold of some very adorable moments with her daughter. Below, Jamie shares how she balances being a mum of three and her very busy work schedule…

You’re the Creative Director of OneTeaspoon and are a mother of three. How do you balance work and being a busy mum?

We mix it up… If I’m under the pump at work with deadlines then I just communicate that with the kids… “dudes, you’re not gonna see me much this week, so let’s plan something awesome for the weekend!” They just say, “yeah cool mum”. They make it easy because they’re so independent. We do a lot of travel and pretty much always have a trip planned, so that’s always something we all look forward to – to spend a big chunk of time together. We just went to Western Australia and that was awesome! We spend heaps of time in the car, which sounds like hell for some families, but we love it!  Then we make the most of every place we stop at and then get going to the next. We don’t plan any of it, we just have a rough idea of where we want to go and we take it all as it comes.
Jamie can be seen rocking our Men’s Cococash Western Shirt with our Superstar Blue Harlets Denim Shorts.

What are your favourite styles at the moment?

I’m so into the Truckers at the moment! All of the overalls, and all-in-ones. The High Waist Bandits and all the men’s shirts. They’re good because my husband and I share them.
In the top image, Jamie is in our Maitai Embroidered Dress which she has paired with our Wanderer Overall. In the image directly above, Jamie is in her Truckers (one of her fav denim styles at the moment), which she has styled back with the Khaki Brigade Steel Knit.

What’s the best gift you can get on Mother’s Day?

I know it’s cheesy, but I would love a beautiful handmade card from the kids, not like a cribbled done in 2 seconds one. Something that they’ve really spent a solid amount of time on and have thought about. A masssssive coffee in bed surrounded by all our new delicious vintage washed chambray bedding that is launching soon, a nice big fat bunch of nice smelling flowers that they’ve picked out.  And then, for them to be super, super nice to me all day, following me around to make sure I don’t need anything, and if I do, make it happen! Then put a movie on and have them lay beside me, not talking while I watch it. Oh! and when it’s finished, make me another coffee. And then we all sit around sharing their funny stories. That’s not expecting too much is it?!

Speaking of kids, we are all very excited to see OneTeaspoon Kids coming soon. What made you want to venture into kids wear?

It’s crazy, but there’s actually not really any great denim out there for kids. We’re not altering any styling details that we do for adults, making it young and ‘kiddy’.  We’re making it fit the kids, but the styling is true OneTeaspoon.  We’re launching next week with 2 ‘Bandits’ and a 1 ‘Roller’ because we just couldn’t wait to get it out there. But come August 2018, it’s on! It’s going to be so next level!!

Happy Mother’s Day!



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