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Our interview with owners Jamie & Liz on our Erin Wasson, Broke & Famous Campaign

The new 2020 Broke & Famous campaign features iconic OneTeaspoon model, Erin Wasson. Erin became synonymous with OneTeaspoon back in 2012 when she became the face of the campaign that year. These shots still remain some of the most recognised images and still symbolise our brand identity today. 2020 marks our 20th year so it only felt natural to collaborate with Erin again to create more iconic OneTeaspoon imagery! We chatted with owners Liz Roberts and Jamie Blakey to get the inside scoop on their creative relationship with Erin and the process behind the new Erin Wasson Broke & Famous 2020 Campaign. Read our interview below...

How did you personally meet or first come in contact with Erin Wasson?

Jamie: One of my best friends who I’ve known since before I started OneTeaspoon had been hanging out with Erin while she did an LA/NYC stint. She suggested to me back then that Erin was such a core OneTeaspoon chick that we had to shoot her! Of course I loved her and we all made it happen.

Liz: I first met Erin back in 2011 when we shot her for our previous Erin campaign. 

As a style icon what do you love about Erin Wasson?

Jamie: Her styling is always on point. She determines what’s cool and doesn’t roll with the “it” pieces of the season. She puts it all together perfectly imperfect. 

Liz: I think her look definitely reflects the OneTeaspoon attitude of rock n' roll glamour. 


What does Erin Wasson represent for OneTeaspoon? 

Jamie: It’s the styling ideals that Erin can communicate for me. She’s got a natural sense of style that she’s maintained for 20 years. It’s effortless. It’s cool. It’s sophisticated. It’s rock n roll. It’s classic.

Liz: For me it is the attitude that she brings to the camera. It's like our clothes were made with her in mind. Whether it was looks from the last campaign, or from this new campaign, which is a bit more sophisticated, it all looks effortless on her. 

Who was the target demographic for OneTeaspoon with the Erin Wasson Campaign in 2012?

Jamie: What always has been since day dot, mid 20 something. Young girls aspire to look older and older chicks aspire to look and feel younger.

What was special about the campaign for OneTeaspoon in 2012?

Jamie: We had a whole other concept planned and we weren’t feeling it. The shoot was called off for the day and we got back together the next day and just ran around Venice to all different locations, her mates' houses, beach car parks, back alleys, liquor stores. It was a true collaboration. It was definitely special, and a defining shoot and moment for the brand. It was hard to ever get another model to truly represent OneTeaspoon after her. 

Liz: The way it was shot was very traditional OneTeaspoon, a bit grungy. Lots of denim. It definitely spoke to our core die hard customers. 

What did Erin love about OneTeaspoon then?

Jamie: The same as what I love about her. Effortless cool style. The cuts being slouchy and nothing over done.

What did Erin and the 2012 campaign do for the brand internationally at that time?

Jamie: Erin put a face to the OneTeaspoon name. We showed our fans and buyers that we were investing in the brand and they invested in us! The stars aligned.

Liz: It was great to have her as the face of the campaign and the shots were so iconic that they are still being used today. 

As the brand founder and designer what was your personal highlight of the 2012 campaign?

Jamie: She made everything make sense. I was so psyched on it all, because I’d been pushing this way of styling and it wasn’t until Erin that everybody truly understood it. 

Why is Erin Wasson so important to OneTeaspoon today?

Jamie: Her styling has evolved over the years, as has ours, and both have stayed in line with each other. She has stood the test of time as a style icon and I wanted to celebrate that as we enter our 20th year too.

Liz: The link to our 20 year anniversary this year and looking back. Plus paying homage to that super successful campaign from 2012. Also, showing how the brand and Erin have evolved since that last shoot by giving her creative control to show her evolution as a creative. 

What was the concept and direction for the Erin Wasson shoot in 2012?

Jamie: As mentioned, we had another concept. To shoot in the Roosevelt Hotel... in and around. We weren’t feeling it. We got together the next day and basically we just followed her for the day. We focused on great styling, non location locations, and great photography and lighting.  

Where was the current Erin Wasson campaign shot? 

Jamie: At her friends ranch in Encinitas. He’s an artist and has all those sci-fi sculptors all around his property. The property is all kind of overgrown and not manicured at all. It was the perfect spot for a collection titled “Broke and Famous”.

Who styled, shot and directed this campaign? 

Jamie: Erin did it all. We sent her the collection and the design direction. She had a great friend who is a photographer who shot it on film. 

Who is the target demographic for the Erin Wasson campaign in 2020?

Liz: I think with the location and creative direction that she took, it moved the campaign to a higher level of sophistication and will resonate with a slightly more mature customer, not necessarily older, but a consumer who connects with the creative side of the campaign, not just the fact that Erin is the model.

What will get the OneTeaspoon audience excited about Erin in this shoot?

Jamie: The shoot is artistically directed. It’s thoughtful, considered, but still has an effortless tone. This campaign will inspire because it’s original. It doesn’t look like every other shoot that’s happening right now. Sunsets, moonlight, tight crops, tanned skin etc... it's a refreshing campaign.

Liz: I think the fact that she was the Creative Director for the shoot adds an element of interest and another layer to her as an artist. And always the clothing! But also the location and the sculptures tell a story in itself.


What are some exciting concepts and customer interactions you have planned for the Erin Wasson 2020 campaign roll out? 

Jamie: I’m psyched to present it in LA with the pics being blown up to a super large scale and have Erin present the campaign and the direction and thoughtfulness behind it.

What has OneTeaspoon learned from Erin Wasson over the lifetime of your relationship?

Jamie: That as a brand and a person, you keep evolving but you can and should, always be yourself.

Liz: That you can stay iconic and also evolve at the same time. 

What is the big picture brand intention for the Erin Wasson X OneTeaspoon 2020 Campaign?

Liz: To celebrate our 20 year anniversary by looking at the past and also the future at the same time. She has been around for a long time and so have we. We have both creatively evolved so it’s a nice link from an actual person/model/artist that reflects a similar journey for the brand. 

Listen to Erin's chill playlist from the set of the campaign below.




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