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Eve is not only a model for our latest collection, but a DJ and Spin Master, not to mention she has AMAZING style – it’s all about attitude, and we love it!  We caught up with Eve to find out a little more about her, because let’s face it, she’s a woman of many talents! Read our interview below… 

Eve, how did you get into DJing? What was the gig that got it all started?

I am a self-taught DJ. When I was 22 I bought some second hand decks and a mixer, borrowed a pair of speakers and gave myself 30 minutes to set it up and make sound come out (this was a time before youtube tutorials were a thing), so it was very much trial and error. Once I got rolling, I didn't leave my room for like 3 months, I just practiced and practiced and loved figuring it out and teaching myself how to beat match and seeing which songs mixed well together...

Once I'd had some practice, a friend got me in for a test run to so see if I could actually DJ and booked me at a gig at Q-Bar. That friend was Hayden James... I played a set before an (at the time) up-and-coming female DJ, Alison Wonderland. This was back in 2011 I think?!

What would be your dream DJ gig?

Ooh good question! Probably playing the Alexander Wang New York Fashion Week afterparty. And one day... I'd love to be in handling the music for the Sydney NYE fireworks.

What are your favourite tunes at the moment? 

I've been rinsing Mark Ronson's new album A LOT, as well as IGOR by Tyler The Creator and I can't get enough of Spanish artist Rosalia... she has fabulous production and an incredible vocal.

I whipped up a specially curated playlist just for OneTeaspoon...lots of fresh beats including brand new Childish Gambino and Beyonce, bangers from Aussie artists Thandi Phoenix, Tame Impala and Hayden James and a creamy remix from Ivy Lab... Click here to listen! Enjoy!

In addition to DJing, we hear you are also a spin instructor (Master)! What got you into this, and what do you love about it? 

I was working in Hong Kong in 2013 and my girlfriend Emilie dragged my reluctant ass to a class run by our friend Morgan. It was nothing like what I was expecting, completely driven by the blaring music and with low-lighting, a nightclub atmosphere and state of the art bikes, I came away from that first class completely hooked. 

When I moved to Los Angeles a couple of months later I continued my spin journey and started training up to 5 times a week. When I returned to Sydney in 2017 I got certified as an instructor and never looked back. I'm teaching classes at Shelter in Double Bay. We have spin, smoothies, saunas, an ice-bath and our boxing studio opens in a month.

What I love about rhythm riding is that it's a full body workout... it tones you up, shapes your butt and abs... and the endorphin rush at the end is unmatched. It's addictive. The musicality and nightclub vibe of it is awesome. Mostly I love the mental aspect. It pushes you beyond your limitations and also serves as a chance to detach from the outside world and focus on your body and breathe for 45 minutes, so it's a form of moving meditation. No matter what I'm going through mentally or emotionally, I can process it on the bike and after a fierce workout come away feeling clearer and calmer.

Being a fitness lover, what are your tips for remaining fit and healthy...

1. Consistency is KEY. We all want results in as little time possible, but the trick is to stick with a plan that you can maintain, by finding something you actually enjoy so that you'll keep going back. I tried pilates, running, yoga, boxing, personal training before I landed on rhythm riding. And 6 years on, I still love it just as much as when I started, which simply means I show up no matter what - leading to results.

2. Try to sweat most days, it's excellent for the skin, detoxifying your organs and encourages proper restful sleep. 

3. Only spend your money on fitness that you use... cancel roll-over memberships that are wasting your money if you're not showing up regularly. Often drop in classes are more expensive but they can wind up cheaper in the long run because you only ever pay for what you use. Try class-pass, they have heaps of classes on offer at a great price.

4. Dark green veggies for a strong body and glowing skin - EVERY. DAMN. DAY.

5. Finally, drink heaps of water and find a form of regular meditation that works for you, try using the headspace app, book in for a TM mediation course and even surfing or hikes in nature are a form of moving mediation.

Now let’s talk about fashion! We LOVE your style!! What is your go-to piece at the moment? 

When the temperature drops I pull out my Kangol fur bucket hat ...  cause it makes me feel like the DJ for the Beastie Boys. I'm also saving my dollars for the new OneTeaspoon Worn Tan Nomad Studded Leather Moto Jacket, its dope!

What is the best fashion advice you’ve ever been given?

Nobody told me this, but I've always stuck to the idea that you don't need to look like anyone else ~ do you!

To check out Eve's style and to keep in the loop with her tunes check her out on Instagram - @eve_speciall

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