Meet Ibiza Mumma: Vanessa Breuer

On our recent whirlwind European adventure, we travelled to the stunning island of Ibiza and caught up with beautiful Vanessa Breuer. The German-born, former Victoria Secret model has spent a lot of time jet-setting around the world, before she set-up home in rural Ibiza (and we can see why!!). Check out our interview with Vanessa, talking all things Ibiza (letting us in on some secret locations – shhh no sharing), being a mumma, and what’s it’s like to live in a such a beautiful place. Photographed by @vincentfahey_

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You’ve travelled the world (and seen many beautiful places), what made you choose Ibiza as your home?

There is something really magical about this island. It’s hard to pinpoint it, but the energy just works for me. I remember coming here for the first time about 7 years ago while I was living in New York. My husband was still living in Australia and when we both met up on the island we just fell in love again. Whenever I am here, it seems like my mind is more at ease and I feel more peaceful and relaxed. That’s why we decided to come here when we had our first daughter. The idea was to take a year off work and just spend time with her here and enjoy being parents. 1 year became 4 and well, we are still here!

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You did a bit of travelling while your first daughter was very young, before finally settling in Ibiza. Do you have any tips for parents wanting to travel with young children?

I actually think travelling is so much easier when they are really little. All they need is you, especially when you are breastfeeding, so you can just carry them around everywhere with you. Once they want to crawl/walk/eat it becomes trickier, as you have to think about safety and sanitation. So although it might seem very intense to travel with a baby especially for first time parents, I can only recommend it. Regarding tips, well, just go where YOU want to go hahaha once the kids are older it will be all about them ;)

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What has it been like raising your two beautiful daughters, Luca and Evie on the island? What is an average day like?

Honestly I love bringing them up here. There is not much ‘outside’ pressure on how to raise your children and Spanish people are very child friendly. They can run around in the restaurant and clothes are not essential hahaha. We also don’t have too much ‘commercial’ pressure, no big supermarkets, not many toy stores, not many things to ‘want’ if you know what I mean.  We live quite isolated, but still only 5 min away from the supermarket/fish shop/butcher/ pharmacy, and 3 min away from the beach. In summer, we basically spend a lot of time at the beach and in our pool, have a siesta in the house as it is too hot outside, and then go back outside around 5pm, have an early dinner at our local restaurant or just go for a dip in the ocean and come home. We didn’t used to have much structure, but Luca is now in kindergarten from 10-3pm, and Evie sleeps from 12-2pm, so naturally structure happened in our lives. In the afternoons, we have play dates or explore the island. In winter, we like going for hikes. I usually travel every week for work and my husband stays at home with them, so when I get back I just like to spend as much time as possible with them. 

What do you love most about Ibiza?

Our peaceful house :)

What are some of your favourite local spots in Ibiza (any hidden places you can share with us)?

Well, I don’t want to share too many hahaha, but I really really like our local beach S’illot de Rencli. It’s very child friendly, the water is super clear, and the food and the restaurant are amazing! In winter, there are some epic hikes nearby where we search for caves and crystals. The children love it! If you want to know the exact locations, you can contact me ;)

Vanessa is wearing our Red Envy Society Wrap Jacket and our Red Envy Bandits.

You have a passion for healthy living and it says on your Instagram profile “Healthy Chef”, what are your tips for living and eating well?

When I was pregnant I went to a culinary school in Berkeley, California to become a ‘natural chef’. It was very important to me to have knowledge about alternative foods and cooking techniques and ‘eating for health’. I wanted to change my career, but after I had Luca I went back to modelling, because it was easier at the time. One day I’d like to concentrate more on cooking again and host retreats or dinner parties, or even have my own cafe. But at the moment I can’t really commit to more than my children and modelling. While I focus on seasonal, local produce and no processed foods, my main tip is to stay in balance. Every body is different, so we have to treat our eating habits the same way. What’s good for you, might not be good for me. In realising what your body and mind is thriving on, you can live (and eat) more freely. For example, my body thrives on carbohydrates, like pasta and bread. Taking this away from my diet because ‘gluten is bad’ wouldn’t be very good for me. However, I am not so good with meat, so a ‘hunter gatherer diet’ would mess me up. I don’t want to think too much about food, diet, calories etc. I just eat what I feel like and I send my body the right messages by doing so. In my belief, that means ‘living and eating well’. 

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On top of being a busy mum, you also have a busy work schedule. How do you maintain a balance?

Oh it's so hard! I am trying my best to juggle it all and not neglect either. After a big work trip of usually 5-8 days, I try to stay home for at least a week to reconnect with the family. Unfortunately, all this traveling is not amazing for my health, so I struggle a lot with getting sick. When I am on the road, I can’t make my own food, I sleep poorly, and I have no ‘good’ routine, so I just try my best to get through it somehow. The good thing, once I am home, I feel like I am on ‘holiday’ instantly. I mean, I have my daily chores of cooking, cleaning, kids (and the list goes on), but I don’t have to work at home as well. So while I am away I can focus on work, and when I am home I can focus on my family. I have so much respect for mothers (and fathers) having to juggle it all at the same time. Work all day, come home, cook and clean. It’s very exhausting. It’s important, and I have to learn that, to also take some time for yourself. Do things you enjoy, whether that’s working out, talking to friends, or going for a walk. I think when we make time to be ourselves, we can manage ‘mum’, ‘worker’, ’cleaner’, ‘cooker’, ‘wife’ (how many labels do we have these days???!!!) much better. 

Lastly, you have amazing style, can you share with us the best piece of styling advice you’ve been given?

Just be comfortable and don’t feel ‘dressed up’. That seems to work for me ;) 

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Thanks for chatting with us Vanessa! To follow the travelling mumma, check out her Instagram @vanessabreuer1

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Photographed by Vincent Fahey.

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