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Known for making beautiful music (and having an epic vintage tee collection!), we caught up with the very creative Mylee Grace. Mylee invited us into her very colourful abode in Byron Bay to talk all things music, being a super cool mum and where she gets her creative juices from! Oh, and we were lucky enough to meet her old-school rocker mum – Maria! It’s safe to say music runs in this family’s blood! Check out our interview with Mylee below and some pics from our day with Mylee and her rad family. Photographed by Jenna Agius.

Here at OneTeaspoon, we absolutely love your music! Tell us how your band “Mylee and The Milkshakes” came about…

“The Milkshakes” is our name when we play live. There’s been a lot of ingredients over the years! We’ve collaborated with so many talented Milkshakes, but the bones of the band have remained constant for over a decade now. My man Ozzie Wrong and I began by writing countless cheesy love songs when we first hooked up and it evolved from there.

Also, I’ve recently released two EP’s with my mumma, Maria Stratton, whom I’ve been collaborating with since I was in primary school – one under the name Mylee Grace, ‘Baby Talk‘ and the other, ‘Mylee Grace and Ozzy Wrong Songs’.

Where do you get your inspiration from for your music? What bands and musicians are your biggest influences? Also, what are you listening to currently?

I grew up listening to my mums Joni Mitchell and Bob Dylan records, still some of my faves to this day. Lately, I’ve been revisiting some 50’s and 60’s artists and drawing inspo from their warm tones and smooth vocals. I love the duets between Lee Hazlewood and Nancy Sinatra. I’ve also been listening to music closely asking myself why I like it? Figuring out what the instruments are doing, or not doing, to contribute to such a good vibe. I guess I’ve been dissecting in preparation for my own time in the recording studio – that’s happening very soon!
Mylee is wearing our Beach Club Libertines and Yeah Yeah Shirt. Her daughter is rocking out in our Fox Black Bandit.

Your mum is also a musician, you must do some amazing jams together! Has your mum had a big influence and what’s the best advice she’s given you?

Mum is a proper musical wizard. It seems completely effortless for her. Of course, she’s put in the hard yards of learning the craft of her instruments. She’s the master of getting lost for hours in a song, all the while looking incredibly beautiful and in her element.

I remember being very young the first time we hit it off harmonising together. Felt like electricity I never knew existed. Both of our music has a similar essence, at the same time we’ve developed different styles and approaches to playing over the years.

When it comes to music advice she once told me to play a little bit every day. Even if you only have time to give it 10 minutes. It’s simple, yet great advice in order to keep the musical fireball rolling.
Mylee is wearing our Devore Long Line Top paired with our Fresh Blue Awesome Baggies. Her mum, Maria is rocking our Pixie Jacket and matching Cropped Wide Leg Pant with the Labyrinth Tee.

You have two beautiful children, are they just as creative and do they have a love of music as well? Do you have big family jams?

Yes, they love it and surely embrace the creative gene! We love a good impromptu jam and painting party. Goldie likes pulling out her percussion and novelty instrument suitcase, and Rocky is learning the drums and ukulele. I’m not sure how keen they are to let the magic out into public though. The other day I asked Goldie if she’d like Mum and Dad to come and sing some songs at her preschool with the children, she replied, “ahhhh no thanks mum, I definitely don’t want you to come and sing at my preschool!”.
Goldie is wearing our Fox Black Bandit and Rocky is seen in our KIDXONETEASPOON Denim Jacket and Overalls (arriving in August).

We hear you’re a massive vintage lover! What’s your favourite vintage piece? Also, what’s the best piece of styling advice you’ve been given?

I used to own a vintage store. Some of the amazing pieces I sold still haunt me to this day. Although I try hard not to be a clothes hoarder, I’ve got a pretty epic vintage tee shirt collection. Most of them are stored in a space bag so I can watch them become even more vintage. One of my favourite items that I don’t have space bagged is a gift from my mate Leah. They’re are a pair of leather, brass and wooden clogs. They didn’t fit her and she knew I would appreciate them in all their 70’s wedged glory.

And, what’s the best piece of styling advice you’ve been given?

My eccentric chef friend, Danny Moran once said, “You can never be too overdressed”.

Thanks so much for chatting with us! Where can we catch Mylee and The Milkshakes?

I’ve been getting good at saying “no” to shows lately. I’m turning in for winter and attempting to write/record a fun album I can share with you soon. Mum, (Maria Stratton) on the other hand has just completed a fantastic folk album and will be launching soon with a bunch of shows.

Keep your eyes and ears tunes to Mylee Grace Band Camp at https://myleegrace.bandcamp.com/music.

Or check out Mylee Grace on Insta @myleegrace and her mum at @strattonisland1_ for updates!

Listen to one of our fav tunes from Mylee Grace below…

Thanks for having us Mylee! We had a blast!!

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Photographed by Jenna Agius (@jennaagiusphotography)

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