For our collaboration with Swarovski®, our campaign features Australian singer-songwriter, Grace Mulholland Morley. You may have spotted her in our previous campaigns. She is a bit of a OneTeaspoon fan, and we were lucky enough that she wrote a song just for us. Make sure you check out the song and music video below. We love Grace's soft, warm vocals creating a dream like atmosphere. She is certainly an artist to look out for! We sat down with Grace during our shoot. You can read our interview below, and look at some pics from the day... 

Grace, how did you get into music? You come from a creative family, has that had a big influence on you musically?

I’ve always loved music. When I was little my dad would throw these dinner parties and my friends and I would put on dance shows and performances for everyone. I definitely think my parents and upbringing has influenced my decision to pursue this career. I didn’t really sing or do much music up until I went to a Steiner school in year 10. My music teachers really brought me out of my shell and encouraged me to perform which I’m so grateful for. 

You are a songwriter and singer, where do you draw your inspiration?

I tend to draw my inspiration from other people’s experiences more than my own. I was exposed to a lot growing up and I feel like that has given me the freedom to write about things that I haven’t experienced but more about things that I’ve seen and witnessed. I definitely have written a song or two about something I’ve gone through, but I really enjoy writing as an outsider, almost like I’m telling someone’s story for them.

You’ve got a unique sound - how did you come to find it?

This has actually been my main focus from the get-go. I wanted to find a sound that supports me as well as defines my path and where I want to go. I don’t really know how I found my sound, but I think after writing with a lot of people and experimenting with a lot of different things, what you like and what feels right is very clear. I still write songs that aren’t my sound, and songs I wouldn’t sing. It’s crazy because you can walk out of the studio confused as to what you’ve been writing and how it came about, or you can walk out feeling like you’re on cloud nine. Nothing compares to writing a song that you love. 

Where can we catch you next?

I’m actually working on a bunch of new stuff at the moment and will be launching a new show in early 2020. 2020 is going to be the year!!

To listen to Grace’s latest tune she wrote just for us, We Don't Need You check out our clip below or head to Triple J Unearthed

To stay in the loop on Grace’s upcoming tunes visit her Instagram page @graceonmute

Grace wears our limited edition Crystal Rock N Roll Trucker Jacket & Crystal Rocks Truckers Mid Waist Short, available in a limited run online now. 

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