Entering Eden is literally like entering the Garden Of Eden. With 400 acres of lush tropical landscape and forbidden fruit which has been cleverly taken away. It's a place which demands total relaxation. Whether you want it or not! Liz Roberts, CEO and co-owner of OneTeaspoon and Rachael D'Alessandro, Head of Design at OneTeaspoon went in full force to escape from the everyday demands of life. Read Rachael's experience...

Relaxing sounds like an easy thing right? Wrong. It's actually very difficult when you are used to being wired up and engaged 24/7. Learning how to switch off, stopping, to being quiet is very difficult. Or at least it was for me. Computers, phones, music, the TV. The digital world is my constant, for better or worse, it's my everyday. So stepping into Eden, truthfully was somewhat daunting. Liz, on the other hand, has practised the art of meditation. Within the hour she had slipped into the heated magnesium pool and was at least 3 chapters into her book. I was still fully clothed and running around at least 20 acres trying to find wifi.

Distressed and slightly afraid of myself, we were taken to the main building to talk about our daily life, hopes and concerns and what we wanted to achieve from this experience. With the end result, our personal therapist writing up a daily routine personalised to our goals. With daily treatments thrown in to get us there. My conversation is still somewhat of a blur, because I will still trying to figure out how to climb on top of the flying fox to get 3 bars of signal. The flying fox, being a very high up zip wire! A must experience FYI. 

However, the point of my very visual breakdown at Eden is to highlight the very unhealthy existence a lot of us have to the digital world. To highlight how important it is to take a second to stop. After one full day, of going cold Turkey to some extent, I felt like a new person. I started reading, from words written in an actual book! We sat and ate with the other guests, at one big table, and we all engaged in good old fashion conversation. And the food, the food! Incredible. 3 set meals, cooked fresh and daily served at set times. The downside to this, being there isn't really any choice, unless you have an allergy which restricts you from what they are cooking that day, everyone eats the same. No swap outs, no requests. But in this restriction, brings its own form of satisfaction. The choice is made for you. There's no indecisive debate on what to choose, to the FOMO of what's on your neighbour's plate. To overindulging and picking everything. It's actually very simple. Delicious food served to you. It almost evokes a sense of childhood security, of being looked after, cared for. There is also no caffeine on site either, no alcohol. No naughtiness to distract you from the end goal. Total sober clarity. 
Through that journey, we attended classes on nutrition, yoga, pilates, a cooking class, we covered ourselves in mud, imported from New Zealand. Although we did hear a few confused guests actually just took a swim in the swamp next door, without seeing the perfectly placed bowl of detoxifying mud next to the lounges. We meditated and took part in the most entrancing sound healing class. 

In the proverbial sense, I 'found myself' and I most definitely had to lose myself before I got there. The whole experience, in general, was eye-opening, intense and in many ways spiritual. An experience which we feel extremely thankful for taking part in, and one which we are already locking in for next year! 

Rachael D'Alessandro, Head Designer, OneTeaspoon

For details on Eden Health Retreat visit their website here.

Or follow their Instagram Account @eden_health_retreat.


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