Introducing a brand new collaboration with the iconic European label MoBlack Records. An artistic meeting of minds that spans hemispheres, genres, styles and artists.

"MoBlack Records, the most prominent purveyors of Afro House in recent years"
- Beatport

A capsule created in lockdown, born from a desire to tap into the essence of creative inspiration and community in a time when we most need it.

"When pandemics hit, usually the people and industries that hurt the most are those of creative ones. And yet, music is usually what gets people through those tough times. So collaborating with an industry that always gave us the most inspiration, when it needed our help and support felt right. The timing felt necessary almost."
- Rachael D'Alessandro, Head of Design

From these Turbulent Times, hope, love and creativity sprung forth. In what is both a reconnection to our musically-driven roots, and a rebirth of cool, what shines most brightly from the MoBlack x One Teaspoon release are the striking, never-before-seen printed tees and colourful palette that revive the brightness of art, music, spirit and style in a world shut down. Developed by One Teaspoon's Head of Design Rachael D'Alessandro in collaboration with MoBlack Founder Mimmo Falcone and directly inspired by the vinyl art of the MoBlack catalogue, this is wearable art for the modern world.

"All graphic prints and artwork pieces tie back to an original MoBlack Records EP release - the soundtrack that inspired the capsule. Each EP has its own release number and has been printed on every single garment. I chose the slogans and images which I felt best represented not only the feel and vibe of the collection but also for what's happening in the world at the moment. Track titles like, Mind Frequencies and Turbulent Times really represent the times we are all living in."-
Rachael D'Alessandro, Head of Design

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"Dreamworld Bliss was born from the notion of a world that seemed so far away. It was during the beginning parts of lockdown. The world seemed so far away from any kind of bliss. It was in fact, only existent in a dream world. And what we actually dreamed of were those days again. The Good times. The reason to get dressed up again."

"Tee shirt prints are everywhere. Usually pointless meaningless graphics. My favourite type of tee shirt prints are always vintage ones. Old school band tees are the best. So how do we authentically recreate that in a meaningful way? We work with labels ourselves and create the new band tees of today."
- Rachael D'Alessandro, Head of Design

Shop the Capsule now and read our interview with MoBlack Founder Mimmo Falcone