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One of the biggest developments in our 21 year history - this is OT MUSIC.

A first-of-its-kind morphing of worlds, a trans-global melding of fashion and music, OT MUSIC is the soundtrack to the wardrobe of our lives. An exclusive collaboration of never before seen, one-off creations from cult, underground labels across both hemispheres.

This season, we're showcasing two new cult labels from Europe - MADORASINDAHOUSE out of Greece - and - DEEPER SOUNDS from the UK. Deep House rhythms and way-too-sexy vibes by the boatload.

OT Music is more than a collection. It’s a melting pot of inspiration and aspiration - jittering and tensile with adolescent energy, a sonorous speakerbox. OT Music is a collaboration befitting Australia’s most iconic denim house. Showcasing our favourite music producers from across the globe, it’s a natural symbiosis of creativity and style.


Hailing from Greece, Madorasindahouse is a Youtube Channel, Event Production team and Record Label with nearly 300k Youtube subscribers, host of parties at legendary venues such as Watergate in Berlin, Djoon in Paris and regular appearances in Africa. Madorasindahouse Records have founded a modern dance label that focuses on Afro, deep and emotional house music, pioneering new artists to the scene and showcasing world famous DJ remixes.


Read the interview with founder Harrys Alestas now.

Shop the OT MUSIC X MIDH collab now.


Deeper Sounds is the creation of UK based DJ Andy Eastough. Launched in 2012 the brand is now recognised around the globe via its Radio Shows on British Airways, Emirates, Mambo Ibiza Radio and Pure Ibiza Radio, and their own Deeper Sounds Radio app. Streaming 24/7, it features the finest artists & bands playing the very best in deep electronica.


Read the interview with founder Andy Eastough now.

Shop the OT MUSIC X DEEPER SOUNDS collab now.



The inspiration?  ‘Look to the new horizon or fall into the pits of 'no one cares'’.

In many ways, this was the anti-Covid collection. The. New. Horizon. Either look to the silver lining or drown. 

It's casual, off duty, evening and party ready all at the same time. So it really doesn’t matter if you’re working from home, picking up groceries, meeting the girls for drinks in real life or on zoom, or even hopefully going to a festival! Looking good makes you feel good!

The very fact that people couldn’t go out inspired me to design something fun, something that you could wear out. It was actually “anti-relevant” if that makes sense. It was the opposite of what was going on right there and then. But it felt extraordinarily necessary. 

When pandemics hit, usually the people and industries that hurt the most are those of creative ones. And yet, music is usually what gets people through those tough times. So collaborating with an industry that always gave us the most inspiration, when it needed our help and support felt right. The timing felt necessary almost.

I think music is always important. Pandemic or no pandemic. Supporting any creative field is. But especially one which is a driving source for not only my inspiration but for everyone’s get up and go. Look, I think it's rare someone goes an entire day without listening to music in some capacity, right? When you really break it down, music is probably one of the main necessities in life. Much more than fashion is. I buy more music than I do clothing. And I find it so interesting and compelling when fashion and music merge.

My daily uniform is usually wearing a tee shirt or sweater which promotes some form of label. Whether it's an underground house label or a vintage rock tee. I think that can either be a conscious choice for someone, a lifestyle, something they're passionate about or because they just love that general aesthetic.

But when you really break it down, it's just showing your support to an industry which is crucial to life. It's showing your support the same way buying a sustainable made pair of jeans is, or that organic cotton tee shirt. Music and fashion go hand in hand. They were made from and by each other. Brother and Sister. Yin and Yang. Why are all rock legends and pop stars usually fashion icons? 

But more than that, what’s a really interesting question to ask is, what’s more important to you, fashion or music? The desire to consistently wear and buy new clothes, or the desire to re-listen and listen to new music?

Madorasindahouse is a rising giant within the house music scene. Each release being very different from the last. And they are all encompassing within the platforms they use. A multi-purpose music label you could say. Originally starting on YouTube, which is pretty rare,  they’ve grown their subscribers to more than 300,000 die hard music fans frothing for the next upload. Evolving into hosting music events and night club takeovers. Showcasing the best DJs from all around the world, their Channel became so popular that producers would send them unreleased tracks to air on their YouTube. So eventually, and naturally, the label was born out of that popularity. The people decided that. And their releases really show that. I’ve always found MIDH more of a cult. Everyone that loves them LOVES them. As do I.  

Deeper Sounds were much closer to home for me. Launching in the UK in 2012. Their approach led them to become the occupiers of the radio, which organically grew from hosting a monthly mix series on the local radio, to weekly shows on Mambo Ibiza Radio, broadcasting from the world famous Cafe Mambo. Collaborating with world-famous DJs on exclusive mixes. Genres ranging from Melodic organic chill out to heavy up beat deep house. Watch this space because very soon they will be launching their very own radio app.