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Last week we asked Kendal to shoot some pieces from our Broke And Famous Collection, and she came back with a swag full of camping inspired images, so we asked Kendal to share her tips on what makes the perfect escape for a weekend away from Sydney.

“I’ve always loved camping since I was little and when OneTeaspoon approached me to do a shoot for them I thought camping would be a really fun theme. This collection is full of army greens, slouchy fits and the occasional print clash which OneTeaspoon is renowned for, so I called one of my mates Megan Mackenzie and asked if she would like to camp with me for a day around Sydney’s eastern suburbs bays".

Hi Kendal, we know you love the beach and Sydney but it’s always good to escape for the weekend. Where is a typical camping weekend for you this summer?
KS: There isn’t really a regular spot for us, but anywhere on the NSW South Coast is where I’d rather be. 

Is it all about the camping, or the adventure of a road trip too?
KS: I love the feeling of finally being all set up, sitting back in my camping chair and enjoying that first glass of wine with my boyfriend – a real ahhhh moment. I guess it’s not really much different from home life for us, but I will say, there’s something about a road trip and being away from the creature comforts that I find oddly comfortable. 

Were you always a happy camper or was it something you developed later in life?
KS: Growing up in Cairns we went camping A LOT, and some of my fondest memories are of camping trips with family and friends.

Some of us need to wash our hair and wash the salt off with a hot shower when camping, so do you have any beauty and hair care tips when camping remotely without showers?
KS: I’m usually okay to go without a hot shower for a few days so long as I’m getting in the ocean, but on longer trips I find myself taking quick rinses in my sons bath bucket. I use eco-friendly products to wash my hair, dry shampoo is also a good one to pack when you’re unsure when the next shower awaits. 

What other creature comforts do you need when you go camping?
KS: You learn what you can and can’t do without after a while. These are the things I never forget; 
- Wine 
- Toilet Paper 
- Portable speaker 
- A good rug 
- My uggs 
- Camera 

Pictures bottom right, our Super Khaki Prophecy Jumpsuit.
What are the typical camping activities for you and your team?
KS: Well first of all, camping can be quite a sport in itself, I find most of the activities create themselves like; setting up camp, collecting firewood and cooking. Things that a we take for granted take a bit more time on the road, but that’s half the fun! That said, we always seem to be searching for waves, fish or a local secret spot. Boredom is the least of your worries and if you do manage to get bored, just enjoy it!  

What does your son Ryka love about camping?
KS: What isn’t there to love about camping when you're a kid? But I think the thing he loves most is the complete freedom to run around and play. It’s awesome to see him enjoying the same things I did when I was a kid.  

Your favourite camp meal you like to whip up?
KS: I actually think of myself as a bit of a legend in the kitchen... just ask me, I’ll tell you! But while camping my cooking style is super basic.  My go to at the moment is just a veggie curry. Veggies can go without refrigeration pretty well and we always have coconut milk and curry powder in the van. I recently discovered you can heat microwavable rice on the stove too, which saves a stack of time. 

What clothing do like to pack when you go camping?
KS: My all-time favourite kind of outfit to wear while camping is definitely some sort of romper. So easy, you only need one and OneTeaspoon has so many good ones! My favourite from this trip was the Animal Zip Through Mini Braxton Jumpsuit.

What’s been the soundtrack to your camping this summer?
KS: We went to a rock 'n' roll bingo night at a pub recently, so you might find a little bit of that in my camp playlist for a weekend away - enjoying the simple life. 

Thanks for catching up with us Kendal! To catch Kendal and Megan next camping adventures, follow them on Instagram at @kendalleeschuler and @_meganmackenzie.

Listen to Kendal's camping playlist below! Enjoy!



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